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Digital Home and Business Solutions

VoIP, Gateway, StoragePMC-Sierra is providing the foundation to build a transparent digital home experience with higher levels of integration and interoperability for mass adoption.

Visit www.pmc-sierra.com/digital-home to learn more about how our carrier-grade gateways, NAS and VoIP solutions for residential and work centers support core VoIP, IPTV, Media and Data services.


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Next-Generation Residential Gateways
June 2006
Describes the carriers’ vision for the digital home and the multi-service Residential Gateways that will enable it. It also describes the integrated, multi-function SoC that is at the heart of the next-generation multi-service Residential Gateway. VIEW

Multi-Service Residential Gateway Platform Enables IP Multimedia and VoIP Delivery with Superior QoS

PMC-Sierra's enhanced gateway platform enables flexible and reliable delivery of carrier-grade services into the digital home. The solution is based on our new VoIP-enabled Multi-Service Processor® family, the MSP7120 for ADSL2+ and the MSP7130 for Passive Optical Networks and VDSL. These SoCs provide the foundation for robust delivery of advanced IP services, such as IPTV, VoIP and multimedia, into the digital home via the home network. 

“Hardware multi-threading and processor virtualization are effective means to accelerate packet processing and enable allocation of dedicated bandwidth to critical tasks. The combination of these features provides guaranteed performance to time-sensitive gateway functions and services.”

--Joseph Byrne, Senior Analyst at The Linley Group

Hardware multi-threaded core
Powered by MIPS Technologies' new multi-threaded core, PMC-Sierra's solution provides packet throughput improvment of 300% compared to single-threaded processors of similar frequency.

blue line
Stand-Alone VDSL2 Analog Front End Device for Triple-Play and IPTV-Enabled Broadband CPE

AFE devicesPMC-Sierra’s PM4380, a stand-alone VDSL2 AFE, enables OEMs to quickly bring to market VDSL2 modem or residential gateway products. VDSL2 technology allows Service Providers to offer significantly faster and more robust broadband connections to support the deployment of IPTV and other advanced IP services.

ADSL2+ AFE Interfaces Directly to Residential Gateway Platform
PMC-Sierra's PM4381 ADSL2+ AFE is pin compatible with the PM4380, enabling vendors to produce cost-optimized ADSL2+ variants. The device interfaces directly to PMC-Sierra’s MSP7120 ADSL2+ MSP, providing a complete chipset for advanced residential gateways and Integrated Access Devices.

Flexible Digital Interface Specification
Both AFE devices implement PMC-Sierra’s ADSL2+/VDSL2 Interface Specification (AVIS) digital interface, which simplifies connection to a variety of DSL DMT processors by offering selectable data rates, clocking modes and control signaling. To promote compatibility of the digital interface, PMC-Sierra is offering customers and partners access to the interface specification. Click here (registration required).

For information on pricing, availability and support packages, contact a PMC-Sierra sales representative at www.pmc-sierra.com/contactSales/

What our customers are saying...

...about our Residential Gateway Platform

“PMC-Sierra’s residential gateway platform provides breakthrough performance and flexibility for our High-Speed Broadband CPE solutions. The multi-threaded data path offers the dramatic packet throughput improvements plus carrier-class QoS, integrated VoIP and superior security that our customers demand.”

--Hong-Yuh Lee, President of Arcadyan

...about our VoIP Solutions

ZyXEL Communications Corp. selected PMC-Sierra's MSP4120 and MSP4200 devices for its VoIP CPE solutions. MORE

"The MSP4200 family's high performance, optimized architecture enables our VoIP product family to be extremely cost effective, while providing enhanced performance and features. PMC-Sierra has been a strong partner throughout our development process and our continued joint development will ensure that the product family continues to grow our strong position in the fast-moving VoIP CPE market."

-- Albert Ju, Assistant Vice President of Telco/ISP CPE Business at ZyXEL

VoIP Quality Certification

PMC-Sierra's Carrier-Certified VoIP technology is the first to successfully complete compliance testing at the China Netcom Group Labs, achieving exceptional voice quality measurement results with a Mean Opinion Score of greater than 4.1. In addition, PMC-Sierra's VoIP solutions have achieved Best-In-Class certification results from China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) and Korea's Telecommunications Technology Association. MORE

PMC Acquires PON Technology

Through our recent acquisition of Passave, PMC-Sierra is the worldwide volume leader of gigabit EPON solutions for Fiber to the Home broadband access network equipment. PMC-Sierra is the only supplier to support both EPON (IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile) and GPON (ITU-T G.984) standards. Our SoC solutions provide end-to-end gigabit per second bandwidth solutions linking central office equipment and customer premise equipment.


For more information on PMC-Sierra’s solutions for FTTH broadband access, visit http://www.pmc-sierra.com/ftth-pon/.

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EPON Ushers In a New Generation of Bandwidth-Intensive Applications
May 2006
Describes how EPON works. Based on fiber-optics, EPON technology offers the speeds of Gigabit Ethernet, making high-definition video and data/voice/video lines not only possible but practical. VIEW

GPON FTTH Market and Technology Overview
May 2006
Gigabit PON is an attractive FTTH broadband access network technology because it meets the needs of carriers world-wide. GE-PON has successfully demonstrated this approach and is being deployed in high volume in Asia, while the GPON standard will provide similar capabilities for carriers in North America. PMC-Sierra is leveraging its experience in GE-PON-based gigabit FTTH to bring GPON-based products to the market. VIEW

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PMC-Sierra has a selection of whitepapers on a wide range of topics, including Ethernet, VoIP, Wireless and Storage. To access the PMC-Sierra Whitepaper Library click here. Registration Required


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