Help With Logging In

Log In Checklist
  1. Have you registered yet on the Web Site?
    • No. You must register to log in. Please go to our registration page to create an account. You will be able to set your own password when registering.
    • Yes, but I still cannot enter. See next...
  2. I cannot remember my password. How do I find my password?
  3. I cannot remember my username that I registered under.
    • Your user name is the email address you registered with.
    • If you have changed jobs, see below.
  4. Have you entered an incorrect user name or password?
    • Yes, I made a mistake in my user name or password. I am sent to a page that says "401 Not Authenticated."
      • The password is case-sensitive.
      • Our web server has tagged your browser as "failed authentication." We cannot tell who you are, and therefore cannot tell what content you may see.
      • To fix this, you must first log out and then log in again.
    • No, I am completely sure I have my password and user name correct. I still cannot enter. See next...
  5. Is your browser accepting cookies?
    • Don't know? Go to this test cookies page and click on "Is my browser accepting cookies?"
      1. If your browser has cookies enabled, the browser will say "You have cookies enabled".
      2. If your browser has cookies disabled, you will see no message.
      3. We provide help on enabling cookies.
    • No.
    • Yes, but I still cannot enter. See next...
  6. I see the login form over and over again.
    • If you enter your credentials (email address and password), but are then returned to the login form, this indicates that the web server cannot read the cookie set on your browser. Either your browser is not accepting cookies, or you are connecting to the internet through a proxy server which is interfering with the setting of the cookie.
      1. First, confirm that your browser is accepting cookies.
      2. Next, contact your IT staff at your ISP and confirm you are not connecting through a proxy server.
      3. Try to access the site from a co-worker's web browser.
        • If you can log in using a co-worker's web browser, this suggests a problem with your web browser proxy or cookie settings.
        • If your co-worker cannot log in either, this suggests a problem with your department's connection to the internet, such as connecting through a proxy server.
  7. I don't want Microsemi ESC storing a cookie on my web browser.
    • The cookie for authentication is only a session cookie. When you close your web browser, the cookie is removed.
    • We are reviewing options for security which do not rely on cookies. At present, cookies are required.
    • See our Privacy Policy for more details.
  8. I have an account but I want to change my password. Where do I go?
  9. I work for a new company and I am no longer using my old email address. Can you help?
  10. I think my account may have been inactivated.
    • Your account may have been inactivated because it has not been used, or the registration information is incomplete or incorrect. To re-activate the account, please send an email message to and provide details of your name and company.

More information about Microsemi ESC's web site Registration Policy is available.

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