• Minimal host CPU dependency boosts overall system performance
  • On-chip shared memory enables increased throughput and IOs per second (IOPS)
  • Initiator and target mode support for host-to-host transactions and failover
  • Hardware assist support for error recovery
Product Overview

The Tachyon SPC 8x6G is a highly-integrated eight-port SAS/SATA 1.5G/3G/6G Protocol Controller optimized for fabric-attached RAID storage system applications and native SAS/SATA HBA applications. This cost effective solution significantly increases total system performance, diagnostics, scalability, and manageability. The SPC 8x6G provides an efficient and scalable architecture that eliminates the system performance limitations of competing SAS controller devices. It provides a application-programming interface that is compatible with Tachyon Fibre Channel controllers. The SPC 8x6G provides system designers with end-to-end diagnostics and error handling mechanisms that increases system availability and manageability. Advanced end-to-end diagnostics can be achieved from host-to-hard disk drive by using the SPC 8x6G in combination with PMC-Sierra's market leading maxSAS family of SAS expanders, SATA AAMUXs, and Enclosure Management solutions.

  • Higher system performance, availability and manageability
  • End-to-end system diagnostics and error handling mechanisms from host to hard disk drive
  • Flexible Application Programming Interface allows system integrators the choice of low-level control or high-level of abstraction
  • SAS/SATA initiator and SAS target support
  • SSP, SMP, STP and direct attached SATA protocol support
  • Each PHY simultaneously supports up to 1.2 GB/s of bi-directional bandwidth
  • Flexible wide port configuration support
  • Hot-plug, staggered spin-up and SATA NCQ support
  • Eight lane native PCI-Express-compliant 2.5 Gbps (PCI Express 1.1), or 5 Gbps PHYs(PCI-Express 2.0)
  • Enhanced end-to-end error handling and system diagnostics
  • In-band communication with PMC-Sierra's maxSAS expanders and multiplexers
  • Independent per-channel selectable high-speed outputs support multiple programmable levels of pre-emphasis and output swing
  • Independent per-channel selectable high-speed inputs support multiple programmable levels of receive equalization
  • Integrated resistive termination and receiver AC coupling
  • Automatic negotiation of link speed

Typical Applications include:

  • External RAID Storage Systems
  • Host Bus Adapters.
  • Servers

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Product Brief
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