Product Overview

The PM8056 SXP 68x12G device is a 68-port SAS expander that features T10 zoning, self-configuration, table-to-table routing, an Ethernet port, and an integrated MIPS processor for SES and enclosure management support. Applications for the SXP 68x12G include SAS/SATA JBODs and RBODs, high-density SAS HBAs and RAID controllers, SAS switches, server backplanes, and HDD/SSD expansion for enterprise servers.

  • Implements SAS 3.0 T10 zoning for secure storage and guaranteed interoperability
  • Ultra low switching latency for improved system performance
  • Table-to-table routing removes need for keyed connectors
  • Integrated Ethernet port for seamless interface to management entity
  • Integrated MIPS processor for enclosure management
  • Firmware compatible with PMC's 6Gbps and 3Gbps expander products

Typical Applications include:

  • Server Storage
  • JBODs and RBODs
  • SAS Switches
  • High Density HBAs and RAID Controllers
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    White Papers
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    Locked PDF Document Best Practices for Improving Edge Buffering Bandwidth Fairness in SAS/SATA Storage Topologies [1.29 MB] PMC-2143263 1 2014-12-22