SAS Expanders

PMC's industry-leading SAS Expander products offer superior signal integrity, integration, port density and performance. All PMC SAS expanders also feature a rich and robust customizable SDK for enclosure management and system level diagnostics and monitoring that offers our customers a clean migration path for their code between product generations.

PM8043 SXP 24Sx12G
24 port 12G SAS expander
PM8044 SXP 36Sx12G
36 port 12G SAS expander
PM8053 SXP 24x12G
24 port 12G SAS expander
PM8054 SXP 36x12G
36 port 12G SAS expander
PM8055 SXP 48x12G
48 port 12G SAS expander
PM8056 SXP 68x12G
68 port 12G SAS expander
PM8005 SXP 36x6GSec
36 Port SAS Expander with Secure Zoning
PM8004 SXP 24x6Gsec
6Gb/s 24 port SAS expander with secure zoning
PM8398 SXP 36x3GSec
SXP 36x3GSec 36-Port SAS Expander with Security/Zoning
PM8399 SXP 24x3GSec
SXP 24x3GSec 24-Port SAS Expander with Security/Zoning
PM8388 SXP 24x3G
24 Port SAS Expander