Product Overview

The maxSAS SRC 8x6G is a highly-integrated, PCIe x8 to 8-port SAS-2 1.5G/3G/6G RAID-on-Chip (RoC) controller that enables next generation SAS-2 server equipment. The SRC's breakthrough RoCstar architecture eliminates the bottlenecks of traditional RoC controllers, providing a quantum leap in server I/O performance, efficiency and scalability. The SRC 8x6G integrates a fully offloaded 8-port SAS-2 protocol controller, a high performance PCI Express 2.0 host port, RAID and T10 DIF acceleration, DDR2-800 memory port, multi-threadcapable IO processor, and additional application acceleration processors - all tied together through the RoCstar ultra-high throughput, contention-free architecture. The SRC 8x6G offers a scalable solution for phased RAID development to effectively manage end-customer requirements. To accelerate customer porting and development, the architecture provides both a hardware and firmware infrastructure along with a development environment in the form of a product development kit.

  • Higher system performance with RoCstar contention-free contentions that slow today's shared-bus solutions
  • By enabling simultaneous access to all chip resources, RoCstar throughput and lowering latency
  • Higher system performance with hardware accelerated RAID 5 and 6
  • IT professionals will see a significant performance increase in time critical functions such as RAID rebuilds and data backup
  • Preserves legacy system support through backward compatibility with SAS 1.0a and PCIe 1.1
  • Encryption-free device to comply with export restrictions

Typical Applications include:

  • PCIe RAID cards
  • RAID on Motherboard
  • SAS Host Bus Adapter
  • Servers, Workstations and External RAID storage systems
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