• 4-port 8/4/2 Gbps Fibre Channel controller
  • Supports 10 Km distance per link at 8G link rate without external memory
  • Native PCI-Express 2.0 8-lane Gen-II 5-Gbit Host Interface
  • Multiple Outbound PCIe read requests
  • Full duplex operation for each port
  • Fibre Channel auto-speed negotiation
  • Virtualization support with H/W assisted FC Frame Steering
  • Support for up to 4 processors per FC Link
  • T10 Data Integrity Field protection (T10 DIF)
  • Multi-DMA for cache mirroring
  • SCSI BiDi command assist
  • Enhanced TRE for higher performance on small data transfers
  • CRC offload engine for enabling non-T10 DIF compliant solutions
  • ERQ/SCSI LL priority control for additional Quality of Service control
  • TWI control and presence detect for optical transceivers
  • Platform-independent software development API tools including sample code for Linux, and Windows
  • Standard and RoHS compliant packages
  • Industry-leading technical support and documentation
Product Overview

The PM8031 Tachyon QE8e+ device is an IEEE 1619 compliant, high-performance 4-port, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel controller. It features an 8-lane native PCI-Express Gen-II link, enabling fullduplex operation simultaneously on all ports. The Tachyon QE8e+ is capable of performing 1.6 million IOPS, making it an ideal integrated single chip solution for a variety of high-performance I/O applications. The QE8e+ features combined 64 Gbps full duplex capabilities on its 4 FC ports. Up to 4 processors per FC link are supported, allowing systems to scale to required performance, as needed. The 1.6M IOPS capability of the QE8e+ is compatible with the Tachyon programming model at the register level, and also with the Tachyon Software Development Kit (TSDK) API tools. It features Multi-DMA, advanced frame-handling functions, and T10 DIF provides robust CRC-based data protection.Tachyon StorClad technology delivers unparalleled encryption performance for Fibre Channel storage products. It utilizes standards-based encryption algorithms and security practices assuring vendors of FIPS-certifiable solutions when implemented with StorClad enabled products. The QE8e+ provides bi-directional encryption/decryption capabilities at a full 8 Gbps line rate with 400K unique Data Encryption Keys per second on each port. The Flexible key management of the QE8e+ supports 1 million Data Encryption Keys (DEK) per port and 8 Key Encryption Keys (KEK) per port. Similar to DIF, DEKs may be defined on a per I/O (SEST) or a per L/A basis. The Tachyon QE8e+ is designed to be certifiable to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. The Data encryption uses the XTS-AES algorithm, as defined by the IEEE 1619 standard, and the NIST approved AES Key Wrap algorithm is used to secure the data keys.

Typical Applications include:

  • Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Embedded subsystems
  • Disk Arrays
  • Multi-protocol Bridges/Routers
  • Intelligent Switches
  • Virtualization Devices

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Product Brief
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White Papers
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