Product Overview


  • Dual issue symmetric superscalar microprocessor with instruction prefetch optimized for system level price/performance:
  • 466, 533, 600 MHz operating frequency.
  • >1380 Dhrystone MIPS (2.3 DMIPS/MHz @ 600 MHz)
  • Typical Applications include:

  • Voice Gateways
  • Multi-Service Access Platforms
  • DSLAMs/Access Concentrators
  • Remote Access Switches
  • Web Switches
  • Layer 3 Switches
  • Backbone Switches/Routers
  • RAIDs
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Networked Printers
  • Cellular Base Stations
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    Product Brief
          Version Issue Date
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    Data Sheet
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM7065C Microprocessor with On-Chip Secondary Cache Data Sheet [459 KB] PMC-2020155 4 2003-11-20
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM7000 Family of Microprocessors Errata [203 KB] PMC-2002295 7 2012-12-19
    Software Documentation
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM7000 (TM) Family User Manual [4.31 MB] PMC-2002296 1 2001-05-30
    Application Note
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM7000 Family Cache Initialization Application Note [64 KB] PMC-2021349 2 2004-04-26
    Locked PDF Document Knowledge Base Items for the RM7065C MIPS RISC Microprocessor [255 kB] PMC-2021269 2002-08-22