Product Overview


  • Dual-Issue 64-bit superscalar architecture:
  • High-performance 64-bit integer unit.
  • High-throughput fully pipelined 64-bit floating point unit (IEEE 754).
  • Typical Applications include:

    • DSLAMs/Access Concentrators
    • Remote Access Switches
    • Branch Office Routers
    • RAIDs
    • HDTV
    • PVR/DVR
    • Firewalls
    • Set Top Boxes
    • Networked Printers
    • Cellular Base Stations

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    Product Brief
          Version Issue Date
      PDF Document RM5231A/5261A 64-Bit MIPS RISC Microprocessor with 32/64-bit System Bus Short Form Data Sheet [52 kB] PMC-2010740 2 2003-02-27
    Data Sheet
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM5231A Microprocessor with ExposedPad Package Data Sheet [510 KB] PMC-2030151 4 2004-07-02
    Locked PDF Document RM5231A (TM) Microprocessor with 32-Bit System Bus Data Sheet [428 KB] PMC-2002174 4 2004-02-17
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document RM52x1 Family of Microprocessor Devices Errata [197 KB] PMC-2002299 2 2003-09-15
    Software Documentation
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document Thin Client SDK Alpha 0.3.0 Firmware Release Notes - PDF Only [175 KB] PMC-E10591 1 2005-08-19
    Locked Compressed Document Thin Client SDK Firmware Release Notes Alpha 03.03 [38.97 MB] PMC-2050456 2 2005-08-18
    Locked PDF Document RM5200 (TM) Family User Manual [3.54 MB] PMC-2002300 1 2001-05-09
    Application Note
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document Stand-by Mode for the RM52xx Family - Application Note [115 KB] PMC-2031503 2 2005-03-29
    Locked PDF Document RM52x1 Cache Aliasing with 4 KB Pages Application Note [312 KB] PMC-2021685 1 2003-02-11
    Locked PDF Document Knowledge Base Items for the RM5231A MIPS RISC Microprocessor [839 kB] PMC-2020420 2002-08-22
          Version Issue Date
    Locked Compressed Document RM5231A [34 kB] PMC-E2045 2.01 2001-06-26
    BSDL Files
          Version Issue Date
      Text Document BSDL file for RM5231A [] PMC-9991002 1 2001-03-29