OTN or Optical Transport

As the world moves into the Big Data era and 100G, the optical transport networks that interconnect datacenters have been put into the forefront in order to deliver dynamic, efficient and reliable cloud services. OTN is the convergence protocol for packet optical transport networks, from Metro Access through to the Metro Core. PMC's OTN processors lead in innovation, integration, and power, delivering quickest time-to-market and lowest R&D expense for the original equipment manufacturer and minimizing total cost of ownership for the service provider. Read More >>

DIGI-G4, PMC’s latest OTN processor, enables the transition to 400G line cards in OTN switched metro networks. It is the industry’s densest single-chip 4x100G OTN processor with 50 percent less power per port. DIGI-G4 addresses the needs of an SDN-ready, encrypted transport infrastructure and delivers the capacity, security and flexibility required for 400G line cards in packet optical transport platforms (P-OTP), ROADM/WDM and optimized data center interconnect platforms


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