Product Overview


The PM8324 TEMAP 84FDL is a high density T1/E1 framer with integrated VT/TU mappers and M13 multiplexers. This feature-rich device is ideally suited for applications performing high-density transport or termination of channelized DS3 or unchannelized DS3, E3, T1, or E1 over existing SONET/SDH facilities.
  • Processes 84 T1s/63 E1s or an STS-3/STM-1.
  • Integrates SONET/SDH and DS3/E3 functionality as well as 84 T1/63 E1 bidirectional PMON-capable transceivers.
  • SONET/SDH functions include high order path processing, low order path processing, T1/E1 to VT/TU mapping, and DS3/E3 to AU-3/TU-3 mapping.
  • DS3/E3 functions include three DS3/E3 bidirectional PMONcapable transceivers and three M13 multiplexers.

    Typical Applications include:

  • Long Haul T1/E1 Line Cards.
  • Short Haul T1/E1 Line Cards.
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    Product Brief
          Version Issue Date
      PDF Document PM8324 TEMAP 84FDL High Density T1/E1 Framer with Integrated VT/TU Mappers and M13 Muxes Product Brief [216 KB] PMC-2052487 1 2005-12-07
    Data Sheet
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document PM8324 TEMAP 84FDL Hardware Specification [1.22 MB] PMC-2050671 2 2006-01-06
    Application Note
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    Locked PDF Document Configuring SBI Compatible Devices [551 KB] PMC-2020180 6 2007-11-20
          Version Issue Date
    Locked Compressed Document PM8324 TEMAP 84FDL 480 FCBGA CAD Symbols and Footprints [234 KB] PMC-2050732 1 2005-04-20
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document Notice of Information - PM8324 Branding Advisory Notice [31 KB] PMC-2060120 1 2006-01-27