Product Overview
  • Fully integrated Solution for OC-3/STM-1 and OC-12/STM-4 Add/Drop or Terminal Multiplexers
  • Capable of ring completion in a single device (line protection mode) or as a two-chip solution (full redundancy mode)
  • Interfaces seamlessly with PMC-Sierra's broad portfolio of SONET/SDH transport devices
  • Integrated Cross-connect allows for future system expansion and incremental addition of transport interfaces
  • Multi-rate SONET/SDH Interface capable of operation at 155 or 622 Mbit/s
  • Integrated clock recovery allows direct interface to low-cost optical transceivers
  • Integrated clock synthesis generates line clock from 77.76 MHz reference
  • Auxiliary telecombus interface allows interface to alternate or secondary line side framer
  • Complies with Bellcore, ANSI, and ITU specifications for Jitter Tolerance, Transfer, and Generation
  • High order path processing to STS-1/AU-3/TU-3 level
  • Low order path processing to VT1.5/VT2/TU-11/TU-12 level
  • Full access to all SONET/SDH Overhead bytes
  • Integrated MAPS processing for fully automatic UPSR path selection
  • Integrated 2.5G non-blocking memory based cross-connect supports anycast traffic
  • Support switching at STS/AU/VT/TU level and all legal concatenations
  • Integrated MAPS processing for automated protection switching
  • 28xT1 or 21xE1 framers with VT/TU Mapping or M13 Multiplexing
  • 3xDS3, E3, and EC-1 framers and mappers with bi-directional performance monitoring and signaling
  • Four serial 622M ESSI interfaces for expansion or connection to a mate ADM-622 device
  • Single multi-drop telecombus interface for expansion

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Product Brief
      Version Issue Date
  PDF Document PM5338 ADM 622 PDH Short Form Data Sheet [356 KB] PMC-2040685 2 2012-03-29
Data Sheet
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document ADM 622 PDH Add Drop Multiplexer for 622.08 Mbit/s ASSP Hardware Specification [2.31 MB] PMC-2040666 5 2007-01-02
Application Note
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document Configuring SBI Compatible Devices [551 KB] PMC-2020180 6 2007-11-20
White Papers
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document Application of Message Assisted Protection Switching (MAPS) to APS Architectures [402 KB] PMC-2021902 3 2003-09-22
Sales Collateral
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document Notice of Change - All FCBGA Packages to be Standardized to the HDBU Substrate Package Outline [695 KB] PMC-2062178 1 2006-10-19