Product Overview


  • Provides WAN Interface Sub-layer (WIS), Physical Coding Sub-layer (PCS), and Media Access Controller (MAC) functionality for OC-192c rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet WAN PHY datastream.
  • Provides PCS and MAC layer functionality for 10.3 Gbit/s 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN PHY datastream.
  • Supports framing, scrambling/descrambling and pointer processing for the following:
  • STS-192c (STM-64-64c).
  • 4 x STS-48c (4 x STM-16-16c).
  • STS-192 (STM-64) channelized down to STS-48c (STM-16c).
  • Typical Applications include:

  • Edge and Core Routers.
  • Multi-Service (Multi-Protocol) Switches.
  • Internet POP and Transport POP L2 Ethernet Switches.
  • SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexers and optical cross-connects.
  • WAN and Edge ATM switches.
  • Up-link cards.
  • SONET/SDH ATM/POS and 10 Gigabit Ethernet test equipment.
  • Emerging DPT, IPT, and GFP applications.
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    Product Brief
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    Reference Design
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    Data Sheet
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    Software Documentation
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    Application Note
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    White Papers
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    Sales Collateral
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    BSDL Files
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