Product Overview


  • Single chip ATMand Packet over SONET/SDH 4-channel Physical Layer Device operating at 155.52 Mbit/s.
  • Implements the ATM Forum User Network Interface Specification and the ATM physical layer for Broadband ISDN according to ITU Recommendation I.432.
  • Implements the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over SONET/SDH specification according to RFC 2615 and RFC 1662.
  • Processes four duplex bit-serial 155.52Mbit/s STS-3c/STM-1 data streams with on-chip clock and data recovery and clock synthesis.
  • Complies with Bellcore GR-253-CORE (2000 Issue) jitter tolerance, jitter transfer (1995 Issue) and intrinsic jitter criteria.
  • Provides control circuitry required to comply with Bellcore GR-253-CORE WAN clocking requirements related to wander transfer, holdover and long term stability when using an external VCXO.
  • Provides support functions for 1+1 APS and 1:N operation.
  • Provides UTOPIA Level 3 compatible 32-bit wide System Interface (clocked up to 104 MHz) with parity support for ATM applications.
  • Provides SATURN POS-PHY Level 3 32-bit System Interface (clocked up to 104 MHz) for Packet over SONET/SDH (POS) and ATM applications.
  • Provides a standard 5 signal IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test port for boundary scan board test purposes.
  • Provides a generic 8-bit microprocessor bus interface for configuration, control, and status monitoring.
  • Hardware and software compatible with the PM5380 S/UNI 8x155, PM5382 S/UNI 16x155, and PM5358 S/UNI 4x622.
  • Low power 2.5/3.3 volt CMOS with 5-volt TTL compatible digital inputs and outputs. PECL inputs and outputs are 3.3 volt and 5 volt compatible.
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C).
  • 520-pin Super BGA package.
  • Typical Applications include:

  • WAN and Edge ATM switches.
  • LAN switches and hubs.
  • Packet switches and hubs.
  • Routers and Layer 3 Switches
  • Network Interface Cards and Uplinks
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    Product Brief
          Version Issue Date
      PDF Document PM5379 S/UNI 4x155 4-Channel OC-3c ATM and POS Physical Layer Device Short Form Data Sheet [58 kB] PMC-2022055 1 2002-12-04
    Data Sheet
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document S/UNIr-4x155 Telecom Standard Product Data Sheet [1.88 MB] PMC-2021468 2 2002-10-17
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document S/UNI?-4x155 Device Errata [214 KB] PMC-2030118 2 2004-01-07
    Application Note
          Version Issue Date
    Locked PDF Document Design Considerations for External APS Applications [169 kB] PMC-2020778 1 2002-09-24
    Locked Compressed Document Configuration Guide for S/UNI-16x155, S/UNI-8x155 and S/UNI-4x155 [268 kB] PMC-2021321 2 2002-12-31