Product Overview

The PM5456 HyPHY 10Gflex device represents PMC-Sierra's 2nd generation of OTN-enabled, high-capacity system-on-a-chip solutions for Optical Transport Platforms (OTPs), Packet-OTPs, Metro Access Platforms, Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) Platforms, Reconfigurable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs), and Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs). The HyPHY 20Gflex brings ODU0 and ODUflex capabilities to universal multi-rate, multiservice line, transponder, and muxponder cards.

The HyPHY 10Gflex is pin-compatible to the PM5426 HyPHY 10G and delivers unprecedented single-chip scalability and feature integration to enable optimal footprint, power, and cost efficiency. The HyPHY 10Gflex provides a rich set of framing, mapping and multiplexing resources for a variety of protocols, including OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ESCON, FICON, and multi-rate bit transparent services such as video.

PMC’s new HyPHY Flex Reference Design enables OTN-based fronthaul networking in Centralized Baseband RAN (C-RAN) architectures. It includes software and firmware updates to the existing HyPHY SDK and firmware binary files, FPGA sample code, as well as application notes. With this reference design, existing HyPHY 20G/10Gflex designs can be easily upgraded for CPRI fronthaul support.

Product Highlights

The HyPHY 10Gflex PM5456 offers the following innovations:

  • True Any-Port, Any-Rate and Any-Service flexibility: Independent, rate-agile SERDES with integrated PLLs allows operation from a single reference, eliminating external timing components and significantly reducing cost, power and footprint.
  • Carrier Ethernet transport: Transparent, semi-transparent and MAC-terminated transport of Ethernet, with onboard FE/GE and 10GE PCS/MACs, including support for Timing over Packet (IEEE 1588v2), Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), and Ethernet Link OAM (IEEE 802.3ah).
  • Field-proven interoperability with OIF OTN-over-packet-fabric standard: PMC’s OTN Phase Signaling Algorithm (OPSA™) and Constant Bit Rate Interface (CBRI™) technology provide an OIF-compliant and glueless interface to off-the-shelf or proprietary fabrics for fine-grain OTN switching.
  • Integrated ODU0/ODUflex-granular framing, mapping, and switching: Up to 40G of OTN framing and 100G of OTN switching in a single chip, with the industry’s first on-board support for PTP (IEEE 1588v2) over OTN.
  • Single-chip for DWDM muxponder and transponder, as well as OTN switching modes of operation.
  • Comprehensive support for OTN fault restoration, resiliency and protection switching: Integration of supplementary OTN framers, monitoring and alarm insertion points to enable flexible protection switching schemes, such as Sub-Network Connection Protection (SNCP) for point-to-point, ring or mesh topologies.
  • Flexible Interlaken and XAUI packet interface: Enables glueless interface to off-the-shelf network processors and Ethernet switches for implementation of hybrid multiservice OTN and Carrier Ethernet cards.

Typical Applications include:

  • OTN-based mobile fronthaul for C-RAN
  • Universal line cards for OTPs, P-OTPs, and MSPPs
  • Single-chip metro access platforms
  • Transponder, Muxponder and MSPP-on-a-wavelength cards for ROADMs
  • Mobile backhaul enabled cards for Packet Optical equipment
  • OTN uplink cards for Packet Transport Network and IP-RAN equipment
  • WAN uplink cards for Broadband Access and Microwave Backhaul platforms
  • Video transport (contribution and distribution) equipment


Typical Application

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White Papers
      Version Issue Date
  PDF Document Making 100G OTN Economical: OTN Switching & Packet-Optical Transport [538 KB] PMC-2141431 2 2016-02-12
  PDF Document Enabling C-RAN: The Case for OTN Based Mobile Fronthaul [1.72 MB] PMC-2143908 1 2015-03-20
  PDF Document Enabling OTN Switching over Packet/Cell Fabrics [181 KB] PMC-2114338 1 2011-12-16