Product Overview

The PAS5211 is a four-port Gigabit PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) System-on-Chip (SOC) dedicated for use in a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (ITU-T G.984 GPON). The PAS5211 chip integrates GPON Media Access Control (MAC) functions, GPON protocol management, IEEE 802.1ad-compliant VLAN bridge, Ethernet MAC functions, and an embedded CPU subsystem.

  • Quad-channel Gigabit PON OLT-compliant with ITU-T G.984 standard:
  • 128-bit AES downstream encryption
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • PON network diagnostic interface
  • Programmable interface logic for optical transceiver
  • Integrated CPU subsystem
  • Complete integrated hardware and software solution for PON network control and real-time management
  • Complete OLT driver software package development platform supports automatic operation and OEM extensions
  • Programmable dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) hardware engines with run-time downloadable algorithms
  • XAUI interface for direct backplane connection
  • Multi-port serial Ethernet interface to the OLT aggregation logic
  • IEEE 802.1ad-compliant VLAN bridging and VLAN manipulation
  • IP multicasting (IGMP and MLD)
  • IEEE 802.1x Authenticator with remote administration
  • Dedicated management port to core network controller
  • Full ITU-T G.984 GPON OLT functionality with integrated ARM CPU and a comprehensive software package
  • Integrated GPON SERDES
  • IEEE 802.1ad-compliant VLAN bridge
  • IP Multicasting support
  • Comprehensive OLT software development package with a complete set of device drivers
  • Integrated encryption engine enhances security and privacy
  • Run-time programmable dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) hardware engines
  • On-chip controller for performing complete link management and OAM of GPON link with up to 128 ONTs per GPON channel
  • Four full-duplex transmit and receive GPON ports, operating at 2.488 Gbit/s downstream and 1.244 Gbit/s upstream
  • Integrated GPON SERDES cores
  • Flexible optical transceiver control interfaces to support transceivers from multiple vendors
  • XAUI backplane interface with redundancy
  • Multiple, full-duplex serial Ethernet interfaces to switch ICs
  • Flexible, multi-mode host interface for connectivity to the core
  • network controller
  • Software memory extension interface for advanced embedded applications
  • LED indications for the PON, core network and host interfaces
  • General-purpose I/O interface

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Product Brief
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White Papers
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