PMC is the world's #1 provider of fiber access SoCs with interoperable end-to-end solutions for all PON protocols.

Our solutions combine innovation and reliability to deliver astonishingly fast Internet access with simultaneous high-definition IPTV and voice-over-IP services.


News articles and press releases, relating specifically to Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Passive Optical Network (PON) products.

  • PMC's GPON Solutions Certified by Broadband Forum ONU Certification Program More Info »
  • IEEE Standards Association Announces EPON Standardization Milestone More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Announces Industry's Most Advanced Quad-Port EPON OLT SoCs for Rapidly Growing FTTH Deployments More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Announces Industry's First Symmetric and Asymmetric 10G-EPON OLT SoC to Enable Next Generation Ultra-Broadband Services More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Announces Industry's First EPON ONU SoC with Integrated Optical Analog Front End Technology More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra Receives FiberHome Strategic Partner Award More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra and Incognito Software Collaborate to Provide End-to-End FTTx Solution for Cable Operators More Info »
  • PMC-Sierra's Pluggable GPON ONT Enables Flexible Connectivity and Fast Upgrade to Existing Customer Premises Equipment More Info »
  • TECOM Selects PMC-Sierra Solutions for GPON ONT Equipment Targeted at European FTTH Markets More Info »