Product Overview


  • Ten port full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet Controller with an industry standard POS-PHY Level 4 system interface.
  • Provides direct connection to optics.
  • Incorporates ten SERDES, compliant with the IEEE 802.3 1998 PMA physical layer specification.
  • Provides ten standard IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet MACs for frame verification.
  • Provides on-chip data recovery and clock synthesis.
  • Provides eight unicast exact-match address filters to filter frames based on DA, DA/VID, SA, or SA/VID.
  • Each address filter can indicate whether to accept or discard based on a match.
  • Provides 64-group multicast address filter.
  • Internal 64 kbyte Tx and 224 kbyte Rx FIFOs per channel provisionable in quantities of 1 kbyte to accommodate system latencies.
  • SATURN® compatible interface for Packet-Over-SONET Physical Layer and Link Layer devices Level 4 (POS-PHY Level 4 system interface).
  • Line side loopback for system level diagnostic capability.
  • 16 bit generic microprocessor interface for device initialization, control, register and per port statistics access.
  • Typical Applications include:

  • POS-PHY Level 4 provides consistent system interface for multiple PHY types.
  • Edge and Core Routers.
  • Multi-Service Switches.
  • SONET/SDH Transport Equipment.
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