Product Overview


  • Maps up to eight channels of full duplex 10/100M Ethernet into 155/622 Mbit/s SONET/SDH.
  • Maps one channelized Gigabit Ethernet into 155/622 Mbit/s SONET/SDH.
  • Supports packet multiplexing capabilities enabling integrated GE grooming and 10/100 port aggregation.
  • Supports per port policing and rate limiting in increments of 64Kbit/s.
  • Supports insertion and extraction of 802.3ah Ethernet OAM packets.
  • Flexible Ethernet header filtering for VLAN & Martini MPLS support. Enabling MPLS Label Edge Router (LER) function.
  • Supports multiple encapsulation protocols for worldwide interoperability including GFP-F, LAPS & flexible HDLC.
  • Performs virtual and contiguous concatenation according to ITU-T G.707 and ANSI T1.105.
  • Supports selection of STS-1/VC-3 virtual concatenation, VT1.5/VC-12 virtual concatenation or STS-3c /VC-4 on a per port basis.
  • Generates and terminates High-Order and Low-Order SONET/SDH POH.
  • Supports bandwidth provisioning in arbitrary steps of 1.6 Mbit/s (VT1.5) or 2.2 Mbit/s (VC-12).
  • Supports fully integrated hitless Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS).
  • Supports up to 64 ms of differential delay.
  • Typical Applications include:

    • Access and Metro Ethernet Add-Drop Multiplexers (ADM).
    • Multi-service Provisioning Platforms (MSPP).
    • Terminal Multiplexers.
    • Next-Generation Ethernet Switches.

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    Product Brief
          Version Issue Date
      PDF Document PM4390 ARROW M8xFE Channel 10/100 Ethernet over SONET/SDH Mapping Device Short Form Data Sheet [50 KB] PMC-2040574 2 2004-07-21
    Data Sheet
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    Locked PDF Document ARROW M8xFE ASSP Hardware Specification [1.54 MB] PMC-2041157 3 2007-01-02
    Sales Collateral
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    Locked PDF Document Notice of Change - All FCBGA Packages to be Standardized to the HDBU Substrate Package Outline [695 KB] PMC-2062178 1 2006-10-19