• Dedicated 4-channel DMA controller for security packet processing
  • Supports all IPSec packet transforms and implements SSL packet transforms
  • Implements DES/3DES/AES/RC4 crypto and SHA-1/MD-5 hash algorithm support
  • Random number generator
  • Public key accelerator
  • 600 MHz to 1 GHz operation
  • Dual-issue superscalar 7-stage pipeline
  • 16 Kbyte L1 Instruction and Data caches with parity and a 256- Kbyte L2 cache with ECC support
  • 8K entry branch prediction table
  • Multiple reads with out-of-order return
  • MMU with 128 total TLB entries, page size range: 4 Kbytes to 256 Mbytes.
  • High-performance Floating Point Unit (IEEE 754)
  • Fixed-point DSP instructions
  • Multiple master, shared, on-chip bus
  • Bus performance monitoring
  • Connects the E9000 CPU and other peripherals to memory and I/O interfaces
  • 167-200 MHz DDR1/DDR2 SDRAM memory controller with 64-bit data interface:
  • Supports Class I and Class II SSTL drive strengths
  • Supports maximum addressing up to 4 Gbytes
  • Provides DDR2 single-ended DQS signaling so that DDR2 RAMs may be supported and operated in DDR1 mode
  • DDR1 supports device densities of 64, 128, 256, 512 Mbits and 1 Gbit. DDR2 supports densities of 256 Mbits, 512 Mbits and 1 Gbit
  • DDR2 supports device widths of 8 and 16 bits. DDR1 additionally supports 32-bit widths
  • Supports unbuffered and registered DIMMs
  • 2 PCI 2.3 compliant PCI ports, 32 bits each that support 0 to 66 MHz frequencies and on-line insertion and removal
  • Local Bus controller providing glueless ROM, Flash, Compact Flash, SRAM, external USB 2.0 devices, and Variable-Latency I/O (VLIO) support with 6 independent chip selects
  • 2 Ethernet MAC or Generic Packet Interfaces (GE Subsystem + Generic Device Interface XDMA Controller):
  • Ethernet MAC interfaces support industry-standard TBI (1000 Mbit/s), GMII (1000 Mbit/s), and MII (10/100 Mbit/s, full and half duplex) interface modes
  • Up to 16 logical channels for each receive and transmit direction (receive and transmit are independent)
  • Supports transmit rate limiter to shape egress traffic on a perlogical channel basis (transmit rate can be limited from 1 Gbits/s full bandwidth down to 64 Kbits/s)
  • Supports simple and weighted round robin for the 16 ingress queues
  • 16 programmable exact address match filters for frames based on Destination or Source Addresses or 802.1Q Tag comparison
  • Programmable all multicast and broadcast frame filtering.
  • Group Multicast address filter via a 256-bin hash lookup table
  • 32-Kbyte scalable packet FIFO with 24 Kbytes for the receive direction, configurable sizing, and support for Ethernet pause flow control
  • 2 integrated 16550 UART ports
  • 32 Kbytes of on-chip memory (ECC)
  • 64 general-purpose I/O pins with integrated de-bounce on 8 pins
  • Integrated watchdog timer and 4 general-purpose timers
  • Up to 4 ports of Two-Wire interface (TWI) with support for Small Form Factor Plug-able (SFP) or up to 4 ports of MDIO/MDC interface protocol through the general-purpose I/O pins
  • Integrated DMA engine, which supports 4 independently configured and controlled channels
  • In-band interrupt sources from all on-chip GDI devices
  • Flexible mapping of interrupt vectors to E9000 CPU interrupt lines
  • A dedicated debug module on the E9000 core
  • Watch exceptions, interrupt and exception debuggers, performance counters, and 64-entry trace buffers
  • 896-pin FCBGA package, 31 mm x 31 mm
  • Pin compatible with the MSP8510 product

Typical Applications include:

  • SMB Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Mid-range VPN routers, firewall and security appliances
  • Low-end/Mid-range Enterprise Switches & Routers
  • Storage Networking
  • IP storage Security appliances
  • Office-in-a-box Gateway
  • Control Plane Processing
  • Imaging systems:Color Laser Printers/MFPs
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    Product Brief
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      PDF Document MSP8520 Multi-Service Security Processor Product Brief [230 KB] PMC-2052101 2 2006-04-21
    Data Sheet
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    Locked PDF Document MSP8500 Series Hardware Specification [2.01 MB] PMC-2040603 3 2006-05-24
    Locked PDF Document MSP8520 Multi-Service Security Processor Product Overview [166 KB] PMC-2052149 3 2006-05-19