PMC's mobile backhaul and radio platform solutions are the foundation of the LTE rollout.

Radio Equipment

PMC is enabling the LTE roll out with low power, highly integrated, multi-standard radio base station solutions that increase spectral capacity. Our radio equipment SoCs allow our customers to provide more functionality, with lower power, in a smaller form-factor. Read More >>

Mobile Backhaul

PMC is the world's #1 provider of mobile backhaul network processors. Our programmable, single architecture and customizable networking software allows customers to meet worldwide equipment requirements quickly and easily.

OTN Mobile Fronthaul

PMC’s OTN-based solution for fronthaul networking in Centralized Baseband RAN (C-RAN) architectures meets latency requirements and beats jitter specifications with up to 75 percent margin, enabling OTN to be used to implement carrier-grade fronthaul.