• Up to 16 Optical Line Interfaces
  • Fully featured Framer/Mapper for up to OC-48/STM-16 bandwidth
  • Up to 4K channels, ranging from a single DS0 to full OC- 12c/STM-4
  • 1+1 APS protection on all ports (up to 8 working ports and 8 protection ports)
  • Up to STM-4/OC-12 per port, for a total of OC-48/STM-16 bandwidth
  • Requires only 4 x DDR3 devices for full bandwidth. ECC support optional.
Product Overview
This product brief describes the UFE448, the leading device in PMC-Sierra's Universal Front End 4 (UFE4) product family in terms of features, port density and performance. The UFE448 is a preconditioning co-processor for WinPath3-based Applications targeted for Wireline and Wireless Backhaul Solutions. Together, the WinPath3 and the UFE448 create a platform that enables highly integrated solutions for a range of port densities and bandwidth configurations scaling to 4xOC-12/STM-4 rate with full APS 1+1 redundancy. The UFE448 device enables the WinPath3 to efficiently support a variety of services: TDM, ATM, HDLC, PPP, and Circuit Emulation. The WinPath3 itself also supports many protocol interworking services, including CES over PSN, ATM over PSN, IP interworking (routing), ATM cell switching, IMA, ML-PPP and others. The WinPath3/UFE448 platform allows maximum flexibility and feature richness together with efficiency in cost, power and board space. There are two variants of the UFE448: the UFE448-T4 is optimized for CESoP/SAToP applications, while the UFE448-M4 provides multi-protocol support.
  • Any Service, Any Port architecture for all backhaul applications
  • High performance, fully featured solution
  • Lowers overall system BOM cost
  • Reduces time to market
  • Minimizes design effort and risk

UFE448 Reference Boards will be available for early software development as add on boards to standard WDS3 development boards

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Product Brief
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  PDF Document UFE448 Product Brief [589 KB] PMC-2110280 1 2011-02-11
White Papers
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Locked PDF Document Programmable Data Plane Extends OpenFlow to Carrier Applications [180 KB] PMC-2141253 1 2014-04-28