• 8 OC-3/STM-1 or 2 OC-12/STM-4 SONET/SDH framers
  • 336 T1/252 E1 framers
  • 12 M13 multiplexers, including support for G.747 multiplexing
  • 12 DS3/E3 framers
  • High order path processor for a SONET STS-12 or an SDH STM-4
  • Tributary path processor for 336 VT1.5/TU-11s or 252 VT2/TU-12s
  • Byte-synchronous and bit-asynchronous mapper for 336 VT1.5/TU- 11s or 252 VT2/TU-12s
  • Tributary path processor for 12 TU-3s
  • Mapper for 12 DS3s or 12 E3s (TU-3 and AU-3)
Product Overview

The PM8310 TEMUX 336 is a high density T1/E1 framer, VT/TU mapper, and M13 multiplexer with integrated SONET/SDH framers for OC- 12/STM-4 and 4xOC-3/STM-1 applications. Feature integration and scalability make the TEMUX 336 ideal for use in ATCA/AMC line cards, voice and media gateways, routers, and multi-service and edge aggregation switches.

The TEMUX 336 device's unique Extended Serial SONET/SDH Interface (ESSI) enables:

  • A low pin-count interconnect to additional TEMUX 336 devices for equipment protection applications
  • Higher-rate SONET/SDH framers such as the PM5336 ARROW 2488 for channelized OC-48/STM-16 designs
  • SONET/SDH cross-connects in transport applications
  • Ethernet over SONET/SDH mappers such as the PM4390 ARROW M8xFE
  • Additionally, the device's Scalable Bandwidth Interconnect (SBI) bus enables a simple interconnect to PMC-Sierra Layer 2 solutions such as the FREEDM (HDLC processor), S/UNI IMA (ATM inverse multiplexer) and AAL1gator (ATM-based CES processor) families.

    • Complete SONET/SDH front end with T1/E1, DS3/E3 ATCA/AMC space and power constraints
    • Integrated SBI bus simplifies interconnection to layer 2 processors
    • Meets timing requirements for wireless backhaul, critical for CESbased 336/252 T1/E1s across the SBI using the V4 byte
    • Extended Serial SONET/SDH Interface (ESSI) can aggregate up to 4x protection in ACTA/AMC systems
    • Supports linear 1+1 protection on the same device or to a companion TEMUX 336 device
    • Enables a scalable architecture from T1/E1 up to OC-12/STM-4
    • Supports T1/E1 mapping directly into SONET/SDH using VT1.5/TU-11 or VT2/TU-12 or multiplexed in DS3s using M13 or G.747
    • Supports advanced test features including programmable pattern generation and detection for up to 64 byte sequences
    • Fully integrated, monolithic IC ensures reliability

    Typical Applications include:

    • ATCA/AMC-based line cards
    • Voice and media gateways
    • Wireless base station controllers (BSC) and radio network controllers (RNC)
    • Routers and multi-service switches
    • Edge aggregation switches
    • Multi-service provisioning platforms

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    Product Brief
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    Data Sheet
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    Locked PDF Document PM8310 TEMUX 336 Hardware Specification [2.74 MB] PMC-2061563 4 2008-11-12
    Application Note
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    Locked PDF Document Configuring SBI Compatible Devices [551 KB] PMC-2020180 6 2007-11-20
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    White Papers
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