Product Overview
  • Fully integrated solution for OC- 3/STM-1 or OC-12/STM-4 Add/Drop or Terminal Multiplexers
  • Highly channelized PDH and Ethernet Client transport interfaces enable deployment of converged networking architectures on a single platform
  • Integrated dual SONET/SDH interfaces each with 622Mbit/s high order and low order Tributary Unit Pointer Processing (TUPP)
  • Full VT/TU ring closure for line protection
  • Parallel Telecombus and Serial 622Mbit/s or 2.5Gbit/s ESSI interfaces for client interface scalability and driving backplane interfaces
  • Integrated 2.5 Gbit/s STS/AU/VT/TU cross-connect allowing for future system expansion and addition of transport interfaces
  • Optimized architecture for single card platforms or cost effective, multiservice card in larger MSPPs via 622Mbit/s or 2.5Gbit/s ESSI backplane interface
  • Two multi-rate SONET/SDH interfaces capable of operation at 155 or 622Mbit/s
  • Integrated clock recovery allows direct interface to low-cost optical transceivers
  • Integrated clock synthesis generates line clock from 77.76 MHz reference
  • Auxiliary telecombus interface allows interface to line-side SONET/SDH framer, such as PM5319
  • Complies with Bellcore, ANSI, and ITU specifications for Jitter Tolerance, Transfer, and Generation
  • High order path processing to STS-1/AU-3/TU-3 level
  • Low order path processing to VT1.5/VT2/TU-11/TU-12 level
  • Full access to all SONET/SDH Overhead bytes
  • Integrated MAPS processing for fully automatic UPSR path selection
  • Integrated 2.5Gbit/s non-blocking memory based cross-connect supporting anycast traffic
  • Support switching at STS/AU/VT/TU level and all legal concatenations
  • Integrated MAPS processing for automated protection switching
  • 28xT1 or 21xE1 framers with VT/TU Mapping or integrated M13 Multiplexing
  • 3xDS-3, E-3 or EC-1 framers and mappers (per port selectable) with bidirectional performance monitoring and signaling
  • One port of DS-3 Transmux into up to 28 VT1.5
  • Parallel Telecombus allows interfacing to devices such as PM5341 or PM5366 to increase PDH client density
  • Maps up to 8 channels of full duplex 10/100 or a single Gigabit Ethernet into 155 or 622Mbits/s SONET/SDH
  • Supports packet multiplexing capabilities enabling integrated GE grooming into multiple VCGs & 10/100 port aggregation into the same VCG
  • Supports per port policing and rate limiting in increments of 64Kbit/s
  • Flexible packet header insert and extract for VLAN and Ethernet Pseudowire MPLS support enabling MPLS Label Edge Router (LER)
  • Supports multiple encapsulation protocols for worldwide interoperability including GFP-F, LAPS & flexible HDLC
  • Supports Ethernet 802.3ah OAM packet insertion and extraction
  • Supports GFP OAM as per GFP CMF (Client Management Frames)
  • Performs virtual and contiguous concatenation according to ITU-T G.707 and ANSI T1.105
  • Supports fully integrated hitless Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS)
  • Supports up to 64 ms of differential delay
  • Four serial 622Mbit/s or 2.5Gbit/s ESSI interfaces for expansion or connection to a mate ADM 622 device
  • Multi-drop parallel telecombus interface for client expansion capability
  • Four serial 622Mbit/s or 2.5Gbit/s ESSI backplane interface into larger MSPPs to enable multiservice card architectures or connection to a mate ADM 622 device for equipment protection

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Product Brief
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Data Sheet
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Application Note
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