Product Overview



The PM8393 SMC is a highly integrated MIPS-based processor with a set of built-in peripherals: internal memory, 4 Two-wire Interfaces (TWI), 4 Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (UART), General Purpose I/O (GPIO), Fibre Channel Port, 8 Fan Control Ports, and expansion ports for additional memory and I/O expansion.

Typical Applications include:

  • Fibre Channel Storage Systems (RAID, SBOD, MBOD, JBOD).
  • SAS Storage Systems (RAID, SBOD,MBOD, JBOD).
  • SATA Storage Systems (RAID, SBOD,MBOD, JBOD).
  • Server Storage.
  • SAN Switches.
  • Tape Storage.

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Product Brief
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document SMC Storage Management Controller Short Form Data Sheet [72 KB] PMC-2040066 2 2004-11-15
Data Sheet
      Version Issue Date
Locked PDF Document PM8393 Storage Management Controller (SMC) Hardware Specification [954 KB] PMC-2040481 4 2005-05-09
      Version Issue Date
Locked Compressed Document PM8393 SMC 324 PBGA CAD Symbols and Footprints [217 KB] PMC-2052559 1 2007-07-26