• What is a co-op/new grad position?
    A co-op position is an opportunity for university/college students to gain work experience. Successful applicants are provided with a full-time work term where they gain valuable hands-on experience while developing professional, technical and practical skills that they can apply throughout their career.

    A new grad position is a regular full-time employment opportunity for students who have either graduated recently from university or are near graduation.
  • Can I be a co-op as a first year/freshman undergraduate student?
    Yes, we welcome applications from students in all stages of their academic degree. We are looking for students who are eager to learn and ready to make a valuable contribution to PMC-Sierra's business.
  • Where do you have positions available?
    Job descriptions and locations are viewable through our Current Opportunities for Co-op students.
  • How do I apply?
    Once you have found a position for which you wish to apply, create a candidate profile and submit your application (resume, transcripts and cover letter) electronically.
  • Should I follow up on my application?
    It is not necessary to follow up on your application. We review each resume carefully for a potential match with current opportunities. After the review has been completed, we contact selected students for interviews. We keep all other resumes on file for future employment opportunities.
  • Which universities and colleges do you post your co-op and new grad positions with?
    PMC-Sierra has developed partnerships with major universities across the globe, posting co-op and new grad employment opportunities through co-op programs and career centers. Our positions are open to all qualified students.
  • Do you know how many applicants from each region have applied? How are the students being encouraged to participate?
    No; applicants are not broken down, selected by schools or regions; rather, they are selected by disciplines or degrees, transcripts and work experience.

    Students are encouraged by their schools, peers and current new grads/co-ops to participate in our recruitment program.
  • What's the application deadline for candidates?
    Co-op positions are posted throughout the year. Although there is no official deadline, students are encouraged to apply near the beginning of each school term to be considered. Applications are reviewed several times until the position is filled.

    New grad positions are posted throughout the year, and follow a similar application review timeline.
  • Where are the resumes stored and how are they classified?
    All applicants are associated with the position(s) they apply for. Applications are stored electronically in our internal database; making them available to Hiring Managers in electronic format. This database is not accessible to those outside of PMC-Sierra.
  • What is the interview process?
    Once Hiring Managers have identified which candidates they would like to interview, Human Resources may conduct a pre-screen. Afterwards, Human Resources arranges for the candidate to interview onsite or by telephone for those living out of province/state. Candidates can expect as many as three interviews before a decision is made.
  • When can an offer be expected?
    Offers are extended once our Hiring Managers have completed the interview process and identified the right candidate for the position.
  • When will the co-ops/new grads start employment with PMC?
    Co-op start dates generally correspond with the first day of the school term. Start dates for new grad positions are arranged between the candidate, Hiring Manager and Human Resources.
  • Why are we hiring co-ops/new grads now?
    PMC-Sierra supports the University Recruitment Program for various reasons. We are committed to providing students with hands-on work experience and skills that will allow them to pursue their career aspirations. This program also encourages talented individuals to utilize their skills in order to contribute to the development of cutting edge technologies and innovations at PMC-Sierra. As a significant contributor to a largely dynamic industry, the University Recruitment Program is an investment in the community and its' future.